Gender Identity


The FLORIDA ALL-STARS recognize the importance of inclusion, and in that capacity desires to implement a policy which allows athletes to participate on gender-specific teams different from the gender identity listed on the athlete’s birth certificate. The rules set forth below have been formally adopted by the FLORIDA ALL-STARS and are patterned after the rules of several state high school athletic leagues and associations.

Policy and Procedure

Athletes who wish to participate on a FLORIDA ALL-STARS gender-specific team that is different from the gender identity listed on the athlete’s official birth certificate are advised to address the gender identification issue with their coach in advance of the team tryouts deadline for eligibility determinations. When a coach identifies a transgender athlete who seeks to participate in a FLORIDA ALL-STARS event, the coach should submit a letter requesting a determination by the FLORIDA ALL-STARS, subject to the FLORIDA ALL-STARS policies.

Privacy Statement

All discussions and documents between an athlete and the FLORIDA ALL-STARS shall be kept confidential unless specifically requested by the athlete and family. The FLORIDA ALL-STARS honors and respects all individuals based on gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, sexual orientation, and creed while striving to provide safe and equitable competition.

FLORIDA ALL-STARS rules and regulations allow transgender athlete participation under the following conditions:

  1. The athlete shall provide a written statement indicating that the athlete has a consistent gender identity different than the gender listed on the athlete’s official birth certificate and that the athlete desires to participate in activities in a manner consistent with his/her gender identity.
  2. Provide two letters from individuals such as, but not limited to, parents, friends, and/or teachers, which affirm that the actions, attitudes, dress, and manner demonstrate the athlete’s consistent gender identification and expression.
  3. Provide written verification from an appropriate healthcare professional (doctor, psychiatrist, and psychologist) of the athlete’s consistent gender identification and expression; and
  4. Any other pertinent documentation or information that the athlete or parent(s) believe relevant and appropriate such as medications, treatments, or anything else related to the athlete’s gender identity.  The FLORIDA ALL-STARS discourage submission of documents providing medical or psychological information that is unrelated to an athlete’s gender identity and/or transgender transition.
  5. Upon receipt of the necessary documentation, the FLORIDA ALL-STARS shall conduct a thorough review of the athlete’s request is to determine if the evidence and documentation submitted is sufficient to establish that the expression of the athlete’s gender identity is bona fide and not for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage in competitive athletics. The FLORIDA ALL-STARS will then issue a written response to the athlete’s request. The response of the FLORIDA ALL-STARS shall be conclusive as to the specific tournament or season for which the athlete seeks admission and shall not be subject to any rights to appeal.
  6. After the issue of gender identity has been addressed by the athlete and the FLORIDA ALL-STARS determination process, the determination shall remain consistent for the remainder of the athlete’s FLORIDA ALL-STARS eligibility and does not need to be renewed every sports season or competitive year.